• Review Websites: MathTV.com - Math Websites For Kids

Review Websites: MathTV.com - Math Websites For Kids

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Wednesday, 22/06/2016 03:06

You need to know that MathTV.com is a resource for kids who are studying topics that range from basic math to calculus. The site includes brief videos with both adult and student instructors who show how to solve math problems step by step. If kids sort videos by topic, they are free to view and may include closed-captioning and/or Spanish versions. Some also include printable worksheets. But if kids sort the videos by "textbook," the first video for a textbook is free, but they must pay a fee for full access to additional videos for that book. There's a heavy push for purchasing book-related videos or textbooks used on the site as well.

MathTV.com - Math Websites For Kids

MathTV.com - Math Websites For Kids



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  • Thinking & Reasoning
  • Self-Direction
  • Tech Skills


Kids who really want or need to learn step-by-step solutions to problems will like seeing younger instructors. There isn't any direct interaction unless kids navigate to outside resources.


Step-by-step solutions help kids learn to answer problems with a wide range of complexity. It would be great if kids could try solving some problems and receive feedback.


Information is neatly organized into content categories. Most videos include Spanish versions, and many include closed-captioning.


MathTV.com - Math Websites For Kids

MathTV.com - Math Websites For Kids

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MATHTV.COM is a math-focused website designed to teach kids math concepts by video. Videos can be sorted by topic, and all topics are listed on the left side of the screen. Each topic contains subtopics, with videos that align to each subtopic. For example, the topic Quadratic Equations includes the following subtopics: Factoring, Square Root Property, Completing the Square, Quadratic Formula, and Quadratic in Form. The subtopic Factoring includes 12 sample problems, and each problem includes at least two video solutions with a different instructor in each video. Most also include a Spanish version of the video solution. Videos can be added to a playlist, and some subtopics include printable worksheets with problems for kids to solve as well as links to interactive tools that illustrate the subtopic.


This is a good collection of videos that show how to solve math problems and would make a solid addition to more formal instruction; just don't count on it as a stand-alone teaching resource. Topics have more than one sample problem, and often, a variety of instructors present solutions to the same problem. This is particularly useful if one teacher's instructional style doesn't work for a kid. Many of the topics are rather challenging, so the ability to view stepped-out solutions to multiple problems that cover the same topic is very useful. But it's not perfect. Including opportunities for kids to interact with the site would improve engagement with learners, especially kids who struggle with understanding math concepts. Plus, the constant pushing toward books and book-related videos does start to get old after a while. But, if your kid needs a new take on figuring out a math concept he or she is struggling with in school, MathTV.com could help solve their problems.

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