• IXL Website - Math And Language Arts Site For Kids

IXL Website - Math And Language Arts Site For Kids

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Wednesday, 22/06/2016 03:06

You need to know that ixl.com is a comprehensive tool that provides math and language arts practice. Everyone can try the skill exercises for free, but they'll be limited to a small number of problems a day. You must be a member to get unlimited practice, tracking, awards, and certificates. Membership fees are $9.95/month or $79.95/year. Kids will need some guidance as to which math skills they should try. Parents can start with their kid's grade level, then use the reports tool to help identify which concepts to focus on. Pre-K and young kids will likely need support and verbal directions from a parent or teacher. Parents should note that an internet connection is required when using the app, and, to gain full access, an account must be created using an email address, a username, and a password. One account provides web and app access. The Android and Kindle versions only include the math curriculum.

IXL Website - Math And Language Arts Site For Kids

IXL Website - Math And Language Arts Site For Kids



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IXL involves a solid effort to make math, grammar, and vocabulary drills fun through rewards, immediate feedback, and visually appealing tasks. The digital experience is certainly more engaging than traditional paper-and-pencil worksheets.


Kids reach a challenge mode after completing basic questions, and feedback is extremely helpful for correcting errors. Repetition doesn't necessarily encourage critical thinking, but practice can help build confidence and accuracy.


Kids get detailed support and tips when they get a problem wrong. Audio is available for questions for pre-K through first grade in the app and pre-K problems on the site. Kids can write on-screen to solve match problems, as they would on paper.


IXL Website - Math And Language Arts Site For Kids

IXL Website - Math And Language Arts Site For Kids

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IXL offers more than 4,000 practice modules on Common Core pre-K through precalculus math skills and on language arts skills for second- through 10th-graders. Kids repetitively practice one at a time, earning points, ribbons, and praise for correct answers, and they get step-by-step explanations for incorrect ones. Once kids reach 100 points for a skill, they earn a medal and a gameboard square. After registering on the developer's site, parents can access progress reports to evaluate kids' strengths and problem areas.


This math and language site gives kids a chance to partake in independent practice and focus on areas where they need or want to improve. For example, at the sixth-grade level there are 292 types of math-skills-practice activities. Individual reports with item analysis, usage, and other information let parents get specific information to differentiate instruction for their child. The "Trouble Spot" report can be very useful in quickly identifying where kids are having a hard time and where they need extra help.

IXL's practice-and-drill approach may not thrill some kids. But the questions -- which range from basics such as counting to geometry's perpendicular bisector theorem and a range of grammar and vocabulary items -- offer a consistent progression; they increase in difficulty once kids reach the challenge mode. Kids also get detailed feedback if they answer incorrectly, along with the chance to continue with the same skill to try to apply what they've learned, which can greatly improve their comprehension of difficult concepts. Adding a virtual sketchpad and the ability to create student rosters directly in the app would be great. But overall, IXL is an impressive, comprehensive learning resource.

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