• The Division - Ubisoft best-selling game in just first week of release

The Division - Ubisoft best-selling game in just first week of release

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Wednesday, 09/11/2016 01:11

Tom Clancy’s The Division is a fascinating third-person shooter video game, developed by Ubisoft. This game was designed for Microsoft Windows, PC, PS4 (PlayStation 4), and Xbox One platforms.  A virus sweeps through New York City and caused a smallpox pandemic. “Green Poison and The Dollar Flu” disease has caused a widespread chaos. And you will spawn on mid-crisis Manhattan which is an open world with devastating environments. Your goal is to investigate the source of a virus to restore order. You will carry weapons, explosives, and smart mines to fight against protagonists or enemies. 

The Division shooting game for ps4 pc xbox one

Tom Clancy's The Division

The Division got the biggest first-week sales ever

While The Division’s release date was on 8 March 2016, which means about a week until now, it breaks the record of Watch Dogs in 2014. According to Ubisoft, The Division had the biggest first-week sales ever of a new game franchise. 

This is one of the most wanted shooting games ever. The Division game generated about $330m in its first five days from both physical and digital sales.  Ubisoft announced that The Division Game is their best-selling game. It generated a huge amount of revenues for this video game developer in its first five days. So it had the biggest first week ever for a new game franchise. 

They also revealed that there are 1.2 million concurrent users play this video game over just the weekend. What’s more? There are over 100 million hours of playing time in the first week. According to vice president of online services, Stephanie Perotti, these impressive numbers translate to “the highest ever for any Ubisoft title.

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The Division shooting games for ps4, pc, xbox one

 The Division - an engaging shooting game

The Division was a tremendous achievement of Ubisoft. It had the highest day-one sales in this company’s history. It also marked the biggest video game debut in the first quarter in the UK history. This shooting game offers immersive playgrounds to keep players engaged. 

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