• Street Fighter 5 - a preeminent fighting game for PS4 and PC

Street Fighter 5 - a preeminent fighting game for PS4 and PC

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Street Fighter is one of the most played fighting games franchised by Capcom. From its release, this game got significant success and is Capcom’s second best-selling franchise. Through the times, Street Fighter had given out many series including Street Fighter (1987), Street Fighter 2 series (1991), Street Fighter 3 (1997), Street Fighter 4 series (2008).

And now, a new change in philosophy of Capcom has just come out. It’s Street Fighter 5.

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Street Fighter 5 was released on February 16, 2016 for PS4 and PC. This version is probably the pre-eminent fighting game in the current console generation. It marks the change in Capcom fighting games. And according to producer Yoshinori Ono, street fighter v version is “the only version you’ll ever need”. This version adds new fighters and balance updates to the game. The balance updates are free while the fighters are for sale. You can buy by your real money or in-game credits.

Game Review

Street Fighter 5 Pros

This version introduces a fantastic cast of 16 characters.  Superb selection of combatants together with infectious personalities and unique fighting styles will catch your attention right at the first time. Old mechanics are replaced by new carefully-designed ones. And these changes are added to distinct qualities of characters.


The most noticeable differences between version v and iv is the removal of Focus Attack. It is a tool or an easily-executable move which allows players to absorb incoming attacks then give you a heavy hit to the opponent. However, this move may slow matches down and subsequently affects the watered-down feeling of the game’s cast. And this move has now been removed from Street Fighter 5. And there is no direct replacement for it. However, this somehow comforts those who bemoaned negative impacts of this move on their fights.

Players can also access to 3 V-abilities beside standard attacks including V-skills, V-reversals, V-triggers.  It is easy to execute these moves since they only call for just some simple buttons.

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However, Street Fighter V still contains some shortcomings. And the first one is the apparent lack of modes. There is no arcade mode. So there is no way to compete against the CPU in the traditional one-on-one versus mode. However, there is a promising online mode. There is also the single player challenge mode, which backs that up with daily quests and battle tips missions.

Another weakness is that there is almost no way somebody without the drive as well as know-how of a hardcore can parse the game move lists, mechanics, or the potential strategies these elements bring.




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