• Halo 5 game for xbox one adds a new item: Hammer Storm

Halo 5 game for xbox one adds a new item: Hammer Storm

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Satuday, 11/06/2016 08:06

Created by 343 Industries and released by Microsoft Studios on October 27, 2015, Halo 5 becomes one of the most interesting games in term of first-person shooter video game for the Xbox One. Halo 5 has contuniously added new content into the game. And recently, the update ''Hammer storm'' was released on 24th February.

In a post about  "Hammer Storm" update, Halo community manager Andy "Bravo" Dudynsky teased additional content scheduled to hit Halo 5 over the course of the year — including the return of Halo: ODST's Firefight mode.

halo 5: Hammer Storm

 Halo 5 game for xbox one 

"The new mode which is called 'Warzone Firefight' will bring PvE to Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer and allow players to battle together against common foes (and truly show off their custom Spartans to boot!)," according to Dudynsky. "That's all we'll say for now, but trust us, we can't wait to tell you more about Warzone Firefight in the coming months." Besides, Halo 5 games surely give other new updates for xbox one.

halo 5: Hammer Storm for xbox one

Halo 5 will be continously updated with several other DLC releases, including "Ghosts of Meridian," "Memories of Reach" and "Hog Wild." If 343 continues its monthly release cadence — and there are no unannounced title updates squeezed in between what the developer unveiled today — then Warzone Firefight should arrive some time in June or July, which seems just in time for this year's E3.

Keep paying attention to get news about Halo 5 games for entetainment as well as other games for xbox one.


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